Pitchcombe Junction

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The Parish Council are working with the County Council and the result of a large bid for funding from the Department of Transport is expected shortly, it is then hoped that a large Highways Scheme involving the A46 / A4173 can be undertaken.

Road Safety and the A46/A4173 Junction

In 2010 the then Chairman of the Parish Council reported “Over the past 5 years the Parish Council has held numerous meetings with GCC Highways personnel regarding road safety improvements for the A46 & A4173 and Pitchcombe junction. Although some improvements to road safety have been achieved, i.e. improved signage, anti skid surfacing, installation of VAS, however our concern remains to be Pitchcombe junction. Options have been considered at the junction for a roundabout, traffic lights, re-layout of the junction by utilising vacant land.

Following various studies these have all been rejected by GCC Highways on the grounds of technical feasibility, safety, or cost. Further according to Highways accident records the junction is ranked as a accident hot spot but given low county priority, 100th!

Follow a meeting with Highways management in August last year (2009), it was agreed that the only cost effective option left for the Parish Council was to press for a reduction in the speed limit on the A46 & A4173. The Parish Council was invited to submit such a case to Highways and the Police. A detailed document was presented to Highways and the Police in September 2009 justifying a case to reduce the speed limit on the A46 & A4173 from 50mph to 40mph. This document identified the numerous blind spots and poor visibility at the junction and adjoining roads within the Parish exiting or entering the A46 & A4173.  Also the document identified the various and confusing variations in speed limits on the roads between Painswick and Stroud, and Brookthorpe and Stroud. Our case for a reduced consistent speed limit was supported by Painswick, Brookthorpe, and Whiteshill Parish Councils.

This request was rejected by the Police as they considered that the current speed limit met the National Guidelines. An appeal was sent to Stan Waddington, County Councillor responsible for Highways in January this year, whilst sympathetic a change to the speed limit was rejected, again the low priority accident ranking was quoted.”

Since 2010 in the Pitchcombe Parish Council has continued to lobby the authorities for action. During this period there have been many accidents, mercifully none fatal, but several serious injuries resulted and considerable damage and disruption has been caused.

Virtually all the approaches of the Parish Council have been ineffective, other than some improvements to the road markings/surfaces and an additional vehicle activated sign.

With a series of accidents occurring in late 2015/early 2016 and the Parish Council formally raised the issue yet again in its letter of the 5th of February 2016.to the Lead Commissioner for Highways.

Further meetings and site visits have followed, and we are currently awaiting improved signage and other minor works at a number of junctions hazards. We are still awaiting a decision on the question of a reduction in the speed limit.

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